ABOUT Millers Farm Services

How we started

Tired of hearing about lack luster results and mechanical damage caused by various "chips" in the market place we sought to find a better horsepower solution.  We first worked with Ekotuningcom by referring customers as an alternative solution to chipping tractors.  Shortly after making several referrals we were asked to come on as a dealer able to offer the best available AG focused tuning on the market.

Why Millers Farm Services?

We stand behind every tune we sell.  There is a reason why local OEM dealers turn to us to help their customers.  They know tuning is the safer alternative to chipping and is a way to ensure customer satisfaction with their machine.

JD 9330

"Just wanted to let you know we are happy with it and could tell a significant difference...we picked up a consitent mph or two with out the tractor pulling down"

JD 7330

Tractor runs like a raped ape!  We went from 5-9mph, I would like my hagie done also

NH 9060 Combine

" Bean combine is 100% better, Thank you...4 gal less per hour on fuel.  Picked up a mph"